33 Bonanza | EC-GDU

Year 1975 - Serial number F33A/ CE-574 Price: INQUIRY. USD

Beautifull F-33A Bonanza completely overhauled and brought back to original configuration. Beautifull exterior and interior y 9/10 condition. Very few in the market in this condition. You must see this aircraft in person. Engine with 8 hours since full factory rebuilt. UNIQUE OPORTUNITY. A one of kind for the Bonanza lovers.

Engines Model:

  Engine 1 Engine 2 Engine 3 Engine 4
TTSN 5603:45
Time to H.S.I.
Time to overhoul 2000:00
Engine SN


  • - COM1: Wilcox 807
  • COM2: Bendix/King KX-155
  • NAV-1/LOC/GS: RCA AVN-201
  • NAV-2/LOC: Bendix/King KX 155
  • GS: RCA AVN-201
  • Beacons: RCA AVN-201
  • ADF: Bendix/King DFZ-73-1
  • Transponder: Bendix/King KT-76A


  • - Three bladed constant speed hartzell PHC-C3YF-1RF


Beautifull 9/10 condition. Aircraft has been nicelly restored in 2012 maintaining the original colors and trying to keep all the original configuration. It feels like entering into a new delivered Bonanza and going back in time

5 seat configuration


Beautifull 9/10 condition. Excelent condition and painten in 2012

Overall light grey with two gren stripes longitudinally from nose to tail

All stainless stell hardware in all pannels and fairings. Aircraft painted without pannels and all hardware installed afterwards.