33 Bonanza | EC-FXZ

Year 1974 - Serial number F33A/CE-521 Price: INQUIRY. EUR

Unit in good condition and well maintained and operated. One owner in the past 15 years and always flown an average of 50 hours per year in a very mild environment. Always hangared.

Engines Model:

  Engine 1 Engine 2 Engine 3 Engine 4
Time to H.S.I.
Time to overhoul
Engine SN


  • - Dual instrument pannel IFR. Nicelly equipped with the standar six pack in both sides as well as double redundancy for the NAV and COM.
  • COM 1: Wilcox 980-A
  • COM 2: Bendix/King KX 155
  • NAV 1/VOR-LOC-GS: R.C.A. AVN-210 A
  • NVA 2/VOR-LOC-GS: Bendix/King KX 155
  • ADF: Bendix/King KT 76 A
  • Transponder: Bendix/King KT 76A
  • Marker Beakon: R.C.A. AVN-210A


  • - Wing tip tanks
  • Three bladed Hartzel constant speed de ice equipped propeller


100% original interior (6/10) in good condition. Cloth and carpet are in very good condition for the age as well as side pannels and overhead pannels. Overhead lights and Wemacs in good operating condition.


Overall painted over white matterhorn with a black and red longitudinal stripe and light grey over the top of the fuselage and vertical fin. Very good looking color combination with original green tinted side windows and windshield. (5/10)